Thursday, March 1, 2012

Date Night


Last night in the relationship class that Kat and I are taking, we talked about the Five Love Languages. Our awesome teacher encouraged each of the couples to take an online quiz. Kat took her quiz and her language that made her feel loved the most was quality time. My language was physical touch with a very close second of words of affirmation. After realizing that Kat's language is spending quality time together, I arranged for my parents to watch the kids so that Kat and I could go on a date.

We went to River Terrace and had an amazing night. It's sad to admit but it was only our second date out without the kids since we brought them home 14 months ago. Need less to say, Kat felt loved and appreciatd.

However, it got me to thinking what is Your language? I think that quality time is important but that You also appreciate service and I think that in days gone by You really liked gifts. I think that the words that we say about You matter as well. I need to be more aware of the way that I show You that I love You God.

Thanks for loving me,