Friday, February 17, 2012

Bless Your Heart


On this Friday night, Kat and I are having an exciting date of watching Tribune Broadcasting Network, TBN. Kat had seen that a pastor that we really like, Steven Furtick had organized a 12-day revival. TBN is showing some of the highlights from the revival. As I write this, Craig Groeshal is finishing his sermon. His sermon really spoke to me and I want to say Thanks Be to You.

He started by telling everyone that when someone says "Bless Your Heart" that they actually mean that you are an idiot. He spoke about how God calls idiots to do amazing things. He references a scripture in Acts where the translators of the Bible speak about the ordinary men known as the apostles. However, the word ordinary actually is a Greek word for ignorant or idiots. You call idiots to do amazing things. My wife looked at me and said that You must want to do something amazing through me. I am not sure if that was a compliment but I will take it as one because I want to be an idiot for You.

Craig said that Idiots for Christ

1) Obey irrationally
2) Give extravagantly
3) Do what others believe cannot be done

Thank You for speaking to me on this Friday night. May You continue to bless Steven and Craig for being servants for You. May You help this idiot do amazing things for You.

Thankful for once in my life that I am an idiot,


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