Saturday, February 11, 2012

F in my Class


This week in the class that Kat and I are taking, Sex begins in the Kitchen we learned about sharing feelings. It was a wonderful class and it highlighted several issues that we need to work on. One of those issues is that I need to be a better listener when Kat shares her feelings. Last night, I had the opportunity to get an A+ for this week's lessons. Kat and I started a conversation that turned into a disagreement. At the end of the disagreement, Kat shared her feelings and I was my typical self, selfish. Instead of listening to my wife's feelings, I chose to be a poor listener.

In my selfish decision, I let You down. In my selfish decision, I let my wife down. In my selfish decision, I let my friends down. In my typcial "a disagreement self", I fell asleep. Upon falling asleep, I failed to complete my blog. I felt bad for fighting with Kat, for not being obedient to You but I felt even worse when I walked into Upward today and someone asked me if I had completed my blog last night because he had stayed up until 11:30 waiting to read it.

So, I realized that I need to retake the class from this week. I realized that I need to remember to "Think about Kat" when we are having a disagreement. I realized that I am still in need of Your grace and forgiveness.

Help me to stay close to You,


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