Tuesday, February 7, 2012

An Offer You Can't Refuse


What is our fruit today that makes us think that we will be like God? The temptation of the fruit has not gone away it has just switched names. God, I think that we are still tempted to get fruit to be like You or at least we think that we can be like You. In psychological terms, we call it the God-complex. However, I think it way more simple than thinking that we are like God, I think it ultimately comes down to people being full of pride.

Today our fruit comes in various forms that includes:
  • Thinking that we have control of a particular situation
  • Not trusting You with an area of our lives such as money, future, children or work
  • Believing that we are smarter than we really are
  • Looking at our life and feeling that we have no need for God
  • Feeling that we are better than other people
Give us your strength so that we do not have to eat from the fruit. Help us to remain humble, to remain in Your will and where You want us to be at all times. Let us not take one step outside Your will.

Learning not to eat from the fruit,


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