Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Past


Tonight, I read the story of the humble beginnings of Moses. As I read through his story, I was once again amazed at Moses. He was placed in a basket by his mother to protect him. The basket floats down the river and the pharoah's daughter rescues the little baby and then needed a woman to nurse the baby and Moses' mother is brought to nurse little Moses.

However, Moses grows up and happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. How many times have I been at the wrong place at the wrong time in my life? How many times could I have just walked away from the "wrong place, wrong time situation" and did not? Moses came across an Egyptian beating a Hebrew and steps in to defend the Hebrew and kills the Egyptian.

Moses is a murderer. After being a murderer, Moses becomes a shepherd. Out in the field one normal day God calls him to do something amazing. You want to take our mundane, daily tasks and use us for greatness. You are still using burning bushes to call Your people into action for You but we miss the signals. What I love about Moses is that he has a past. He was a man that had fallen, was a coward and had run away from his problems yet You still chose him to do great things. Our background, our pedigree, our ancestors do not make us great in Your eyes. We are great because You called us. It is not something that we can do or earn, it is a response to Your grace.

Moses doubts that You can use him because of his past. Moses doubts that You can use him because he stutters. You want to use him because he has a past and because he stutters because when amazing things happen, You are glorified. You do not chose based upon outside qualities, You pick based upon who You need to fulfull Your purpose.

Help me to hear Your voice loud and clear and put my past behind me and become the man that You are calling me to be.

Learning to look forward and not back,


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