Thursday, February 2, 2012

Resolution Update


On January 6th, I blogged about my resolutions for 2012. My resolutions are:
  1. Blog Everyday- I have successfully blogged each and every day. I hope that I can continue blogging. I think that some of my blogs have been real and honest while others have been just so-so.
  2. Read Bible everyday- I have read some scripture every day but I really need to improve. It has to be more than just reading scripture, it has to be about consuming God's word- Can't wait to hear Pastor Mark's sermon this weekend about this very thought.
  3. Work-out- Each week during the month of January, I was able to work out at least 3 times a week. My strength is increasing but I know that I can push myself more.
  4. Not eat at fast-food restaurants- I have only eaten at a typical non-sub fast food restaurant once in the month of January and that was because Pastor Mark wanted to go to Captain D's for our staff lunch. Other than that, I have only eaten at Subway, Jersey Mikes and Quiznos.
God, help me to be a better person. I think my resolutions are cool but the most important thing is that I am continually transformed more into the likeness of Jesus Christ. Help me empty myself, die to myself so that I can have all of You.

Thankful and challenged,


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