Sunday, February 5, 2012

Engage the Word


Tomorrow begins a 40-day spiritual journey for myself and those that attend Grace Church of the Nazarene. I am excited to begin this journey with You.

Today, Pastor Mark spoke about consuming Your word. I hope that I do not just go through the motions when reading Your word. I hope that I will not only read but that I will consume Your word in such a way that life transformation occurs. I want to read Your word, pray through Your words and reflect upon Your words.

My hope is that I develop a Samuel ear for hearing Your voice. I want to hear You speak to me throughout each of these days. I want to begin my days asking, "God, who will you put in my path to whom I can minister?"

My hopes for this series:
  • Read Your word each and every day
  • Memorize scripture
  • Hear Your voice loud and clear
  • Grow closer to You
  • Life Group grows closer to You and each other
Excited for tomorrow,


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