Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Future Questions


Kat and I missed watching one of our favorite television shows on Tuesday night, Parenthood. We have always loved watching the show because each of the couples seem to be going through real life issues that many people I know are dealing with. However, this season the subject of adoption occurred. Over the different episodes, I have personally felt many different emotions concerning how the show dealt with adoption. On one of the early shows, I was pretty frustrated that they used the term "buying a baby" several times throughout the show but the show really examined some of the emotions and situations that couples face when adopting.

However, the episode that Kat and I watched this evening brought me to tears. As the baby was born, the mom that wanted to adopt asked the biological mother if she wanted to hold her son and the biological mother turned her head. My heart breaks thinking of my two amazing gifts from God and the questions they will have about their biological mother. Thank You for providing me with such an amazing wife. Kat was able to talk through all of the pain that I was feeling for Bennett and Celia. We were able to discuss that no matter how much we would want to tell them things that would take their pain away about about their situation, we can't. All that we can do is to reassure them that we love them, that You love them and that so many other people love them. As a parent, I want to guard their hearts and I want to protect them but I also know that I am unable to do that. As I type these words, I hurt for them.

I pray tonight that You will let their biological mother know that Alim and Nargiza are very loved. I pray for future discussions with our children. I ask for your wisdom and I pray that our kid's hearts will be healed.

Leaning on You,


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