Monday, January 9, 2012

Faith & Football


You can't watch a Denver Broncos game this season without hearing Your name mentioned! For the most part, it is because the starting quarterback for the Broncos is Tim Tebow. Tebow is a Christian that has been talking about You since his college days at the University of Florida. The conversation has gotten much louder this season because Tebow stepped into the starting lineup part of the way into the season. However, it is well known that Tebow is not the prototype quarterback. He does not throw the ball very well. However, he led his team to the playoffs. Just yesterday, he played the defending AFC Champion, Pittsburgh Steelers. As has occurred most of Tebow's football career, when the stakes are higher, Tebow lifts his game to the next level. Tebow had one of his best games of his career, if not his best. Pittsburgh forced the game into overtime to set the stage for one of the longest touchdown passes in a playoff game that went into overtime. On the first play of overtime, Tebow throws the ball to his wide-receiver Thomas who is able to break a tackle and take the ball all the way to the end zone for the win. As people began to make statements about You being on the side of Tebow (including myself), I wonder if that means that you aren't on the side of the Steelers? I know for a fact that Troy Polamalu, one of the best defensive players for Pittsburgh is a very devout Christian. So can we make statements about You  being with Tebow and not with the Steelers? Or can we look at this in a different light that you are able to use the win and allow Tebow the opportunity to speak about You?

Even now, I am watching the National Championship Game between Alabama and LSU. It appears that Alabama is going to win. Will Alabama fans say that You were with them and not LSU or that God wanted Alabama to win? I doubt that. I think that You can use wins or losses to draw people closer to Yourself. You will use a wide variety of ways to reach people and I believe that You can use football and players like Tebow. However, I hope that all of us don't start jumping to conclusions that may not be true but that we understand that You love Broncos, Steelers and possibly Patriots!

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  1. I sure do hope you can update this everyday. What is going on between your lines, is becoming quite intriguing. This post happens to be a topic I speak about quite often and you dove right in. Tebow, by using God to focus, has done exceptionally well. We can probably both agree on that? To the question you proposed: God somehow inter veins in sporting events and uses His powers to make one side lose? (which is absolutely consistent with helping one side win) You understand there is a paradox. This can actually be worked out rationally, pretty easily. Then you'll find the answer to this question is the same for EVERY question you have. Good day.