Saturday, January 21, 2012

To Be or Not to Be


As You know, I turn 30 this year. 30 years ago this Spring, a doctor told my mom that it was in her best interest to abort the unborn child in her womb. Thankfully, my mom did not listen to the doctor's advice.

I think that I need to keep this in perspective each day because for me, it reveals that each day is truly a blessing, a gift from You. My mom was told that at best, I would be born with severe mental disorders and would never live a full life. I sit here, 29 years later thinking about the gift of life. We are only here on this earth for so long. Am I doing all that I can for You? Am I going to do something great for You?

All of us are given 24 hours in order to do something for You, what are we going to do with our time?

Thanks for my life,


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