Thursday, January 19, 2012



Just a couple of days ago, I was at the gym working out with my good friend. As we were talking, he stated that I do not say much about my life to him. Those words affected me because I never want to be a friend that doesn't share and I never want to be fake. As I came home that night, I asked Kat if she felt that I communicated with her. She said that she did as much as I could. She felt that I do not take the time to reflect upon my own feelings. She suggested that I take the time each day to ask You how I am doing.

God, how many days do I know that I am going down the path of being negative and chose to do nothing about it? How many times do I make things worse for those around me because I am being negative? I heard recently that people can be the spiritual thermometer for those around them and I think that I am one of those people. I can either make everyone feel better with encouraging words or I know exactly what to say to make people look at things through a negative lens.

God, help me to have encouraging words and not negative ones, help me to build up and not tear down and help me to bring the light to others and not to snuff out the light of others.

Needing your help,

Derek Hunter

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