Saturday, January 14, 2012



As You know, this is our 4th year having Upward Basketball and Cheerleading. Our season began today and it was amazing. This was a unique year for me because I transitioned leadership responsibilities over to B.J. Bolton. It was great to see how well Upward went on this first Saturday. B.J. is a great leader that will continue to grow our wonderful ministry.

I love Upward because:
  • It is a true reflection of our community. We have African-American, Caucasian, Hispanic and even a couple of kids adopted from other countries. I just wish our churches reflected this.
  • I love seeing the kids run out the tunnel as their names are announced. I really think this is one of the best things about Upward. (We play the old Chicago Bulls music as the names are announced)
  • It is wonderful to see the kids that have played for several years continue to grow but also continue to improve at basketball or cheerleading.
  • The volunteers are amazing. From the smiles at the concession tables to the refs encouraging words to the Coaches emulating Christ by their attitudes and words, Upward Volunteers are the best.
  • It helps people step outside of their comfort zone (Maegan Tosh led the Upward Devotions today and overcame her dislike of speaking in public by leading the devotion and game all 6 hours and did a great job).
  • You are talked about, shared and focused on while playing basketball and cheer.
I hope that You can use Upward to reach these adults and children for Your kingdom.

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  1. BJ is doing a great job. I see him as such a man of integrity. He works so hard and then puts 100% of his time and effort into helping out with Upward and Grace church. I honestly don't know how he does it with a family and working 60 hrs a week. He really is an example to me of how to live for Christ. God bless him!