Monday, January 16, 2012

Toy Story 2


I love how when I listen and look for You, You are able to talk to me in a wide variety of ways. As I am sitting here, watching the end of Toy Story 2 with the kids, I know that You are speaking to me through this movie. Here is what I heard:

  • Woody has a love for Andy like we should have for you. No matter where we go, we should do everything that we can to get back home to You. Our love for You should be the same.
  • Just as Woody has the name Andy written on his boot, we should wear Your name on us everywhere we go because we belong to You.
  • Woody wanted to make Andy so happy and we should live our lives serving You and bringing Your name praise.
  • I love that Woody was always bringing others to Andy, bringing others to the family. As a Christ follower, I should do everything that I can to bring others with me into Your Family.
  • Mr. Potato saved the three aliens at one point from falling out the window. The aliens continue for the rest of the movie repeating, "You have saved our lives, we are eternally grateful." Do we live our lives with eternal gratitude to You for not only saving our lives but giving us life?
  • "Stinky Pete", the Prospector kept trying to make Woody doubt that Andy would love him. I see so many similarities to the lies and deception that the serpent used with Eve. The serpent wanted Eve to question God and in a way become their own God.
  • As a last defense, "Stinky Pete" tells Woody that he will live for eternity in a landfill (also a reference to Toy Story 3) because Andy will not love him forever. I think that we will all end up in a landfill if we do not accept the Love and Forgiveness that You offer.
Thanks for speaking to me in so many different ways,


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  1. Whoa...I will never watch this movie the same again!