Friday, January 20, 2012



Tonight, Kat and I had a date night. I hate to admit it but these have been far and few between. Most nights when we had child care, it was for a church event or for working our second job of catering. Well, tonight we decided to have a night where we put the kids to bed and rented a movie and just spent time on the couch cuddling together.

We decided on the movie, Ides of March. It is a political drama that Kat and I both enjoyed. However, the movie made me think rather you really care about politics. Most Republicans claim to be Your party which means what that Democrats are Satan's party? If You voted in the next election, would You vote Republican, Democrat or other? I think You would have a difficult time voting Democrat because they endorse the position of Pro-Choice. Also, I think that You would have a difficult time voting Republican because most Republicans do not care about those in need or anything about the environment. At the end of the day, I do not think You really care because I think that You will take what happens and work it out for Your good. In addition, I think that most politicians are dishonest and unethical and would try and win an election at all costs.

Let's not mix our religious beliefs with our politics because I do not think that You would vote for either party.

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  1. This is a good topic Derek but although I agree that most politicians are dishonest I disagree that we should leave our spiritual beliefs aside. I say spiritual because I don't consider myself a religious person. I think its our beliefs that drive us to vote. I also think that politics is very important because the Bible talks about government and laws of the land so I know God has ordain it. As Christians we need to pay close attention to protect our freedoms and rights. I'm not so involved in politics but my old pastor is and I learned a lot from him and the importance of it and God's views on it. Clint also has a degree in Political Science and loves politics. He knows a lot so I try and learn from him as well. He keeps me up to date. One thing I have learned is that when its all said and done I need to try and vote for the lesser evil. This was a good blog. You should talk with Clint about this sometime.