Friday, January 13, 2012



I'm sure that everyone has heard the saying, "Why put off doing what you can do today, tomorrow?" Well, I have always lived by the saying, "Why do today what I can do at the very last moment as my hair turns grey and my hands shake from the stress of waiting to the last moment?" How many others procrastinate? I can usually find anything to keep me from doing something that I know needs to be done. Currently, I am taking two online classes to try and finish the course work that I need to complete in order to be ordained. I will watch television, play with my kids, take the dogs out or donate my blood to keep from having to complete an assignment. As I type this blog, I know that I am writing this blog instead of writing a couple of papers for my classes.

Procrastination is often something that people joke about including myself. However, there are things that no one should ever put off. One of those things is accepting the grace and forgiveness that You offer freely. Tonight, as Kat and I read the story of Joseph to Bennett and Celia (because they are learning about Joseph in their preschool Sunday school class), it ends as Joseph forgives his brothers. In recent normal Bennett fashion, he asks why. As I answer each why question, it comes to the point where I make the statement that You are coming back and we need to be ready. Bennett started saying, "Jesus coming, not yet." He then said, "Need to be ready." You offer us forgiveness to the very last moment (See Matthew 20: 1-16). However, we are not guaranteed the next day much less one more breath. I know that for many years I ran from You but I came to the point where I could not deny Your existence and accepted Your grace and forgiveness.

May you help me to not procrastinate when it involves things like life and death.


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  1. I have been following all your posts. Love them all.