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I am not sure that you read blogs but if you do get the time, I hope that you read my thoughts and ramblings. I have decided that with the new year, I want to be a new man. I know that so many people are making resolutions and wasting their time but I hope that I will not waste my time but more importantly your time.

This past weekend, Pastor Mark, my boss (oh wait, you know him) gave a great message. In his words that I am sure that you gave him, he talked about repenting. So many people have used this word through the ages that it may have lost it's true meaning. However, Pastor Mark suggested that it was not just that we are repenting to try to get out of hell but we are repenting to face You. I think that too many of us are just buying Fire Insurance. We have our "GET OUT of HELL CARD" and now we think that we are good and we have forgotten to pursue you.

As I thought about this concept, I was reminded of a great book I read recently by Mark Batterson, Wild Goose Chase. In his book, Batterson describes that Celtic Christians have a phrase for the Holy Spirit called An Geadh-Glas, which means Wild Goose. In keeping with the title of this blog post, I have decided to be honest. I need to pursue God more. I need to repent not to get out of Hell but because I can't imagine spending a second without you in my life. I need to focus on you more and my job less. I need to rekindle that passion for you and others that sometimes being in ministry robs you of. More than anything, I want to pursue you God. I want to stop talking about you and talk to you. So, I hope, plan and intend on writing you blog posts. Some posts will be filled with questions, some will contain doubt and others may just be me gushing my love for you.

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