Friday, January 27, 2012

Soul Mate


I believe that we cross paths with people each and every day that can impact our lives. I also believe that we have people enter our lives that we can impact. 8 years ago this summer Kat and I crossed paths at a leadership conference learning how to be better consultants for our respective Greek Organizations. The interesting thing about our paths crossing that week was that I was not supposed to be at the conference.

We met at this conference and my life began to change. At this time, I was very far from You. Not only would I fall in love with Kat but she would introduce me to You.

I do not think that we have a soul mate but I do believe that You can use people to reach other people. I believe that You used Kat to reach me.

Too often, people put so much pressure on themselves to meet that "One" person. What happens if you miss that divine meeting? What happens when you get into your relationship and you fight, do you start to doubt that the person you are married to is your soul mate? Does it give you the right to divorce because your soul mate is out there?

Kat deserves a lot of jewels in her crown for putting up with me for the last 7 years. Has our marriage been smooth the whole time? No. However, we knew that we entered into a covenant with each other but more importantly with You. Thank You for keeping our marriage together and thank You for helping us to love one another.

Loving my wife more each day because of You,


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  1. What a great honor for Kat to be loved by you so much.