Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Son, Bennett


I wanted to take the time tonight to thank You for my son, Bennett. Kat and I feel so blessed and honored to have the privilege to be his mama and papa. We have had him for a little over a year and in that time, he has already grown up so much. He went from being a young boy that hardly spoke to a "Papa's big boy" that speaks and laughs and is full of life. He is such a caring boy that takes care of his sister and makes sure that we take care of her as well.

One of the most amazing things about Bennett is that he seems to have a very strong connection with You already. From saying "God made it" every time he sees the sun set to making comments about getting ready for "Jesus" to come back to his special prayers.

Over the course of the last 6 months, Bennett has loved to pray at night. His prayers began very simply with being thankful for family. However, over the course of time Bennett has seemed to be in tune with You unlike most people. First, Bennett always wanted to pray for his Grumpy, my father that I have talked about in previous blogs that has not accepted Your love and forgiveness. Bennett still seems to always want to pray for his Grumpy. The second special prayer came after Bennett has done something that he should not have (I can't remember what Bennett did). During Bennett's prayer that night, he prayed that You would forgive him and that he was sorry. I am pretty sure that we had not told him that (He could have learned it from his amazing Sunday School teachers at Grace) but either way it was very special.

The third special prayer happened this evening. On Wednesday night, a friend of mine shared a prayer request about her husband. She simply asked me to pray for him. I had not spoken of this prayer request to anyone. This evening as Bennett began his prayers, he called this man by name and said "(the man's name) not feel good." God, I was blown away. I had to call the wife and share what happened. It shows that You care about this man and that You are speaking through my son. I pray that You continue to speak through him and that he accepts your love, grace and forgiveness at a young age and does not go down  the same path that I choose.

Thankful for my son,

Derek Hunter

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